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These are the rights you will be given when you purchase one of the Exclusive Beats above.

The same rights are granted when order custom made exclusive beats.

Distribution of your song or recorded work is approved for all world wide markets.Music production is approved for visual synchronization and performance usage.Selling or licensing the music production to a third party without synchronized lyrics or visuals is prohibited, and will result in this exclusive agreement being voided.Royalties for broadcasts including the beat with synchronized lyrics or visual content is 100% owned by you.Royalties for broadcasts including the beat only is 100% owned by Christina Lynn Forbes. Credits for beat production goes to Christina Lynn Forbes. (Your Engineer did not make the beat so in the event alterations are made, that does not give the engineer any claims to production credits. Any work found with someone other than Christina Lynn Forbes listed as the producer will result in a request for a change in the credits. Failure to comply will result in this agreement being voided.Client owns full exclusive rights to the music production listed in this agreement. (Meaning the beat will never be sold again.)100% of profit from record sales, and sale of any visual works belongs to you.Client has the right to an unlimited amount of duplication/copying of the synchronized content. (Meaning beat with lyrics or visuals synched)Clients for performance licensing are not limited to using the sound recording on the initially listed project, so long as the main artist remains the same. No third party is to be listed as the main artist of any songs created with the production.Clients for synchronization licensing are not limited to using the music production for the initially listed product so long as they are the sole creator of any other products that are intended to use the music production in the future.All of the rights listed above will be included in the Exclusive License Agreement sent to the client after purchase, and the agreement will be signed by record producer Christina Lynn Forbes.

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Example: "I want a club beat, fast tempo, with the main instruments brass, piano and lead that I can make a dance anthem to."


Tempo choices: Fast tempo, Up tempo, Mid tempo, Slow tempo

Genre choices: Club beat, Hip Hop beat, R&b beat, Pop beat, Dirty South beat, Trap beat, Midwest beat, West Coast beat, East Coast beat, Underground beat, New School beat, Dance and Sample beats.

Main instruments: Piano, Synth, Brass, Acoustic Guitar, Rock Guitar, Orchestra, Organ, Flute, Hard Lead, Dance Lead, Soft Lead, Violin, 808, or name another instrument not named above.

If you have any questions give us a call @ (718)451-6052 - Ask for Christina

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